#1 Þriceless Loss


One watery drop
cascaded down the terrain of her sun browned face.
Time had been kind to her,
it had merely turned her jet black hair silver,
merely created ranges of new fold mountains out of her skin,
merely slowed down her heart’s pace to that of a steady loll.

One watery drop,
escaping the confines of her once-green-now-opaque eyes,
Slipping down the mountains, valleys, plateaus and creeks,
along her perfectly crafted nose,
fording the partition between her pale scaly lips-
lips, that had tasted everything wonderful in life.

One watery drop,
leaving a trail of a life well lived,
a trail of pain and suffering, of ecstasy and bliss.
Salt preserving memories of nine decades, in a form of near rotting flesh.
Children, Grand-children and Great Grand-children laughing, playing and arguing,
long before the scorching sun of ego and pride had risen ominously over the horizon.

One watery drop,
Blood is thicker than water they said.
Alas! the heat of the scorching sun,
brought the thick blood to a boil
the blood eventually dried up,
and for two decades not a word was said;
an unquenched ravenous thirst for blood
and the matriarch’s one watery drop.

One watery drop,
her memories were what kept her going,
of Thanksgiving lunches and Christmas,
of children running around the fireplace
and adults conversing with ease,
no taunts or grudges or insults-
“Pass the wine please”
An old tarnished picture of all her progeny by her side,
gave her solace, and kept her hopes alive.

One watery drop,
Her hopes had been realised,
as she opened her eyes and attempted to rise,
She realised the blood had been revitalised.
Her Children, Grand Children and Great-Grand Children,
in each other’s company, their faces marked with grief-
the blazing sun had finally set, in the face of thunderous sorrow.

One watery drop,
of joy not sorrow, as she basked in the comfort of her company.
She sighed- blissful and content, for blood was indeed thicker than water.
As the buzzing of the monitor beside her grew erratic,
her family was set into a frenzy of hurry.
A sudden silence pervaded the air,
she lay there motionless, her face graced by one watery drop.

One watery drop,
the salt preserved memories in her jubilant soul.
As she looked upon them from afterwards,
the blazing sun slowly rising again-
she realised blood may not be thicker than water.
The boiling blood had merely been allayed,
by grief at the prospect of a priceless loss.


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